MARKETING POWER has a big experience in branding and sponsoring.

We help companies to maximize business opportunities. We search for the best sponsoring strategy for each company/brand and work on a cost effective way to raise your profile and achieve brand awareness, positioning your brand and organisation.

Launch into new markets with maximum effect!

Maximise your brand exposure targeting your potential customers!

We help you to achieve your strategic objectives, creating tailor packages whatever your budget.  We think, define and act in terms of “final consumer”.


We have been working on sports sponsoring since 2004: Spanish Football League, Italian Football League, MotoGP, F1, Handball Euroleague, Basketball Spanish League,…

We know who are the sports consumers, their wishes and needs. That’s why we are able to align the sponsoring activity with the corporate strategy of your company, as well as of measuring its efficiency. We don’t sell sponsoring packages, we help companies to develop all sponsoring agreements making the most of them and we help you to activate your sponsoring packages.




We have an experience team working in the music industry. And we are able to reach the best opportunities for your brand in the music market (artists, festivals, tours, awards,…)

Music creates deep and authentic brand connections. Music builds loyalty. Music inspires true brand advocacy and drives big results.